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GEI nel Mondo

Gruppo Esponenti Italiani
gli uffici nel mondo.



GEI, Gruppo Esponenti Italiani, was founded in 1974 by Italian entrepreneurs, industrialists and bankers to respond to American concerns about Italy’s stability during a period of great political difficulties, when the Red Brigades terrorized the country with often deadly attacks and the Soviet Union was expanding its influence in the depth of the Cold War.

Over the decades, GEI has adapted its mission, first to the post-Cold War era and now to explore opportunities coming from the new economic, industrial, digital, scientific, and cultural frontiers – and fostering Italy’s central role in the Western Alliance.
GEI has a membership which includes US heads of major Italian companies, organizations, and institutions to carry out activities helpful in projecting Italian excellence in various fields.

In the past few years, GEI has also opened its membership to Italians holding top positions in American companies, law and consulting firms, and other institutions.
Today, the mission has expanded to strengthen the Transatlantic dialogue, the aim being to bridge the gap that may surface while dealing with occasional issues and tensions between countries sometimes with diverse economic perspectives and needs.

We accomplish that objective by hosting every month authoritative speakers from both Italy and the U.S. discussing the most recent political, social, business, financial, cultural, trade current affairs, exploring them both from the American and Italian

GEI was established as an independent nonprofit association that does not engage in political activity and covers its expenses through its membership dues. It pursues various initiatives to learn about Italy, and contributes financially to various charitable projects and research studies. One of the most recent significant donations
helped Italian citizens dramatically affected by the COVID pandemic. One initiative of particular importance and prominence is the “GEI Award,” a recognition of Italian and American personalities who have distinguished themselves in improving relations between the two countries.