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GEI Luncheon in honor of Dr. Pierluigi Ciocca

-Dr. Pierluigi Ciocca received a Degree in Law from the University of Rome in 1965. 

-He then completed post graduate studies in economics at the University of Rome(1966), at the Fondazione Einaudi in Turin (1967) and at the Oxford University(1969)

-In 1969 Dr. Ciocca joined the Bank of Italy and was, till 1982, economist  in  the  Research Department of the Bank, working in different fields: 

1969-70: Econometric  Research Office; 1971-73: Money Market Office; 1974-79: head of the International Economy Office; 1980-82: Manager in the Planning and Structural Problems Division. 

-From December 1982 to December 1984 he was Assistant Central Manager (Head of the Bank Refinancing and Clearing Department) and from January 1985 to September 1988:  Central Manager for Central Bank Operations, responsible for the Foreign Department, the Money and Financial Markets Department, the Treasury Liaison Department and the Bank Refinancing and Clearing Department.

-From October 1988 to February 1995  Dr. Ciocca was Central Manager for the Economic Research (responsible for the Research Department) and Economic Adviser to the Governor, and from 1993, also responsible for the Historical Research Office

-On February 23, 1995 Mr. Ciocca was appointed Deputy Director General of the  Bank of Italy.  

-Dr. Ciocca is Member of the Societa’Italiana degli Economisti(since 1982) and Editor of the Rivista di Storia Economica  (since 1984)

-He was also (October 1993-June 1995) member of the “EU Economic Policy Committee”  and of the “EU Economic and Financial Committee”

-From April 1997 to December 1999 he was representative of the Bank of Italy in the Group of G-10 Deputies.

-Since August 1998 he has been a substitute of the Governor at the European Central Bank and from February 1999, member of the Financial Stability Forum established by the G-7 Ministersand Governors

Dr. Ciocca has published several papers and books.