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GEI Luncheon in honor of Mr. Simone Trevisani, Managing Director of Soilmec S.p.A. – Trevi Group

(Photos courtesy of Stefano Spadoni – Stefano’s Network and Radio Monte Carlo)

Remarks by GEI President Lucio Caputo:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today I am very pleased to welcome to New York and to GEI, Mr. Simone Trevisani, who as many of you know, is CEO of Soilmec S.p.A. Cesena and of Drillmec S.p.A. Piacenza, both of which are part of the well-known Trevi Group.

Born in Cesena, Mr. Trevisani graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1998. In 2003 he received a Masters in General Management and later an MBA from Profingest.

He joined the Trevi Group (founded by his father Davide in 1957) where he started working in the Research and Technological Development department, which operates in countries all over the world, including Thailand, the U.S., Japan, France and Italy.

In 2001 he served as Plant Manager of Drillmec, the production unit based in Piacenza involved in the construction of equipment for oil drilling and exploration. In 2002 he was appointed General Manager and then CEO.

In 2003 Mr. Trevisani was first appointed Production Director and then CEO of Soilmec, the Group company specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing of equipment and systems for foundations and drilling.

Under his direction, Soilmec widened the range of products and services and acquired a global leadership in the sector. Today, Soilmec sets itself as a “Solution Provider,” capable of supplying decisive answers to every work and site requirement.

In 2007 Mr. Trevisani became the General Director of Drillmec Americas that, through its production and managerial facility in Houston, Texas, mainly operates in the North and South American market.

In the same year, he was asked to help the start-up, Trevi Energy, the new Group company specialized in the design and construction of offshore wind farms.

Mr. Trevisani is highly respected for his outstanding qualities and exceptional leadership, and we are all glad to have him here today with us.

Therefore, I am very pleased to present Simone Trevisani, on behalf of GEI, with the “GEI FRIENDSHIP AWARD” in recognition of his many accomplishments.

The luncheon was held on October 24, 2014 in the Stella Private Room

of Le Cirque restaurant in New York City.